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GP49000 29th Dec 2013 2:51 am

Automatic trip repair on Garrard Autoslim-chassis units
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Service the automatic trip. With time and drying out of grease that's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE (it is supposed to run DRY), the auto trip levers finally stick and when the arm reaches the normal run-out area on the record, it can't push them so it quits tracking...usually quite suddenly. This is a VERY common problem in old Garrards...consider servicing it as part of normal maintenance.

To service a sticking auto trip: Remove the platter. Take off the clip securing the big silver gear and remove the gear. Remove the little clip attaching the upper auto trip pawl and remove the pawl. Remove the identical little clip attaching the shaft of the lower auto trip lever...this is where the works get stuck. Thoroughly degrease and remove all residue from the auto trip lever and pawl. Get rid of ALL the grease that has dried out on the shaft and on the bore it runs in. On the big silver gear, clean off any dried-out grease and especially make sure there is NONE near the auto trip parts. Check the bore in the centre and the shaft on which it rotates, too; make sure they're clean.

In the chassis you will see a sliding stud that pushes the lower auto trip lever when in operation. Clean off any grease that may have gotten on it or on the Delrin low-friction insert that it runs in (the early Autoslim and AT6 models have a slot in the metal chassis instead of a Delrin insert).

Reassemble the auto trip parts to the big silver gear. Lightly grease the track in the bottom of the gear and the bore on which it rotates. DO NOT GET ANY ON THE AUTO TRIP PARTS.

Reassemble the big silver gear with the gap in its teeth toward the spindle, and the auto trip parts pushed away from the spindle. It should go on easily. Rotate it back and forth so the mechanism engages properly into the slot on the bottom of the big silver gear. Resecure the gear with its clip and with the gear still in the position described (you should feel a detent at that position), put the platter back on with its retaining clip.

unitaudio 30th Dec 2014 2:15 pm

Re: Looking for a record player - advice needed!
Copied for reference only

Only Garrards based on the Autoslim chassis would fit so that's the 1025, 2000, 2025, 3000, AT6, SP25 SL55, SL65 and derivatives.
Unimech chassis decks won't fit the cut out, decks such as 5-300, 6-300, 86SB mk 1&2, Zero 100, AP76, AP96, SL95.


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