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Happyshopper 14th Sep 2020 1:50 pm

Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine
Hi, I have had a Gfeller Trub phone for years, working fine as my landline.
I also have a Southwestern Bell FA1000 answering machine. My question may sound a bit daft, but can I connect the two, as the Trub doesnít have a built in connection for an answerphone?
Is the Trub too old to use with an answerphone?
Years ago when we all had landlines and answer machines Iím sure that the phone plugged into the answerphone and then the answerphone plugged into the BT connection?
Is there anything I can buy to connect them or am I on a hiding to nothing?
Thanks for looking and fingers crossed someone with a better understanding than me knows the answer and can share 🤞

OscarFoxtrot 14th Sep 2020 7:11 pm

Re: Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine
You should be able to just use a double adapter.

Some answering machines had a connection for a phone as
(a) it saved providing a doubler adapter
(b) they used series connection to the phone to detect the handset being lifted to intercept a call answered by the machine

rambo1152 14th Sep 2020 8:37 pm

Re: Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine
2 Attachment(s)
let's look up those items as they are unfamiliar to me.

Attachment 215696 Attachment 215697

Wow a carved wood phone! I like that.

The answering machine and the phone do not need to be physically connected together, they can live in different rooms, as long as there is a phone point in each, or you can use an adaptor as stated.

If the answering machine uses the same tape for incoming and the outgoing message, you rely on your callers to wait while the tape does some gymnastics before they start speaking, in my experience they don't.

dagskarlsen 15th Sep 2020 8:30 am

Re: Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine
That is a pretty modern answering machine, so my guess is that it will stop when you lift off the handset on another phone on the same line.

Happyshopper 15th Sep 2020 10:13 pm

Re: Gfeller Trub connecting to answering machine
Thanks so much guys for clarifying this for me.
The reason for me using such old machines is because quite frankly, for all the bells and whistles new integrated phone and answer machines have they are so boring. They all look the same, like a remote control, so your answers make me happy that I can use my old equipment.
OscarFoxTrot thank you for clarifying and including a link, this is great such a financially cheap fix!
Rambo1152 Yes! I think it is a beautiful phone, very tactile and the handset is lighter than youíd imagine. Maybe I should include specific instructions on the outgoing message to hang fire before chatting!
dagskarlsen, hopefully this is how it will work, itís not a particularly fancy answerphone but I liked its simplicity.

Thanks again:) I can bob into screwfix tomorrow and get this job ticked off :thumbsup:

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