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Atmosferit 11th May 2019 11:05 am

Yamaha TC-800D issues after belt replacement
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Hi, this is my first post here, I hope I'm not breaching any etiquette, but feel free to point out all the things I did wrong!

I got myself a Yamaha TC-800D sold "for pieces" as it was not actually working, but based on the description it looked like it was just a problem of belts (the lights and vu-meters were working just fine) so I also got a set of replacement belts.

I managed to replace the belts, but despite taking a lot of photos in the process to make sure I could put it back together, I ended up with a lose spring, which I have no idea where it comes from: I attached a photo showing the culprit, if anyone knows where it should go, please enlighten me :)

A secondary issue, is that when I screw back the mechanical part of the deck to the main chassis, I lose audio completely, except some high pitched sound on the right channel.

If I unscrew the board again, then it is playing audio fine, volume works, pitch control work, ... but there is some noise and clicks, like typical ground loop problems (on a device that does not ground on the main cable).

I assume both issues are related, possibly some short circuit between two metalic parts that should not be touching when screwing it back, I'm just not sure where.

I've been on the issue most of last week end, so this time I'm looking for suggestions from people who are way smarter than me on the topic :)

Thanks in advance!

paulsherwin 11th May 2019 11:16 am

Re: Yamaha TC-800D issues after belt replacement
The spring appears to be part of the cassette door mechanism.

There are full details of this deck on hifiengine:

Atmosferit 12th May 2019 2:49 pm

Re: Yamaha TC-800D issues after belt replacement
I took a look at the documents on the hifiengine site, they are similar to what I had already found, and there is indeed a similar spring in the door part, but it is much stronger and has multiple spires.

I'm starting to wonder if it's not actually a spring from something else that somewhat ended up in the device when somebody else did the maintenance, because I managed to reassemble all the parts, everything functions just fine, all that remains now is some occasional noise that seems to be related to some contact issue somewhere with the record switches.

In case some people want to see what it looks like inside, I made a video yesterday:

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