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HECTOR63 14th Jul 2021 2:12 pm

Ron Smith's Aerials

Been around for many years and just thought to see if they were still trading and it seems there as popular as they ever was.Decades ago we had one and have to say with a Wolsey Ditribution amp set up at our old shop it was quite an outfit:)

Craig Sawyers 14th Jul 2021 3:39 pm

Re: Ron Smith's Aerials
They installed rooftop TV and FM aerials in St Neots for me in the mid 80's. The also did the same for us in Abingdon in about 1991.

They no longer do installations, but I'm delighted that they still supply their range for fitment by others.

The comment regarding Brexit, and import VAT and clearance fee on shipping to the UK, suggests they are coming from elsewhere. In fact when I last emailed Ron's son he was living in Spain, so maybe that is where they now come from.


G6Tanuki 14th Jul 2021 5:35 pm

Re: Ron Smith's Aerials
I've seen a few of their antennas around... personally I consider them a bit blingy and wonder if they're really any better than my long-lamented [left at a previous house because I forgot to get a rigger in to remove it before I mobed] Fuba UKA8 ?

Some of the photos in the 'fixings' section of their website: make me shudder.

Lashing-wires run at an angle, and lashings attached to a clearly-structurally-unsound chimney-stack....

HECTOR63 15th Jul 2021 12:48 pm

Re: Ron Smith's Aerials

Forgot about these guys too very popular in the CB days and very good reputation all round:)

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