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David Simpson 12th Jun 2019 3:07 pm

53KU & CV1079 Valves
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For Sale :- Two used but good(VCM Mk3 Fully Tested :- Both = Upper Green Zone at 120mA) Cossor 53KU Rectifier Valves - - 50 + 5 UK postage for both.
Two used CV1079's, (VCM MK3 Fully Tested using KT8 settings) :- V1 - - Ia = 52mA & Gm = 5.5mA/V, V2 - - Ia = 46mA & Gm = 4mA/V - - - 20 +5 UK postage for both. (5 postage for all 4, if one buyer).

Regards, David

Richard 12th Jun 2019 7:08 pm

Re: 53KU & CV1079 Valves
Yes please, I have a pair of monoblocks they will look very good in.

David Simpson 13th Jun 2019 9:58 am

Re: 53KU & CV1079 Valves
The two 53KU's are now sold. Just the CV1079's left.

Regards, David

David Simpson 21st Jun 2019 10:29 am

Re: 53KU & CV1079 Valves
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Re the CV1079's - I've thoroughly tested them again and tabulated & graphed the results. They've actually been tested up into the 807's region of Ia (83mA in AVO VDM). V1 managed it OK, with V2 chasing its coat tails.
So they are still for sale at 20 for both + 5 for P&P.

PS If anyone has an original CV1079 Spec &/or or Gm curves, (as opposed to the assumed KT8 equivalency spec), please let me know. I.e. "The Valve Museum" just calls them 'Sensible Equivalents'.

Regards, David

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