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M6SPW1974 17th Nov 2017 4:40 pm

Wanted: AR88D repair service NW England
Hi Guys, I am in need of somebody who can take a look at, & hopefully repair, a really clean AR88D that I acquired this year from a Silent Key sale.
Here is what is currently happening with it...

It turns on, lights up etc. LT going to the valves, but no AF output except an odd rustle from the volume control when turned,also the fitted S meter immediately "pegs out" and goes full scale.

If you yourself or you know anybody in the Northwest of England that would be happy to take a look at it then please send me a private message.

I don't mind paying to have this done & I will personally deliver & carry it to your workshop etc as we all know they ain't light.

I really would like to have this receiver fully working again, as it is too clean to just let it sit as it is & would be a real shame to scrap it.

Best regards, Shaun :)

sunthaiboy 19th Nov 2017 5:46 pm

Re: Wanted: AR88D repair service NW England
Hi Shaun,
If you ever get down into Shropshire/Powys (SY5 9BE), I can take a look (Criggion Radio Station). I have a messed about one which I have got going....keep going, also ex silent key. I have a diagram but there are a number of minor differences between years/models + plus some "seriously modified ones". I used to work at BAE Warton so know the Lancs area and Fylde coast quite well. I have a good friend in the area I visit often who has a video camera/tube thing.... Might (famous last words) be able to do a quick repair. Some of the cap blocks are becoming troublesome i.e. leaking oil (gunge) and worse. Mind you they are all older than me, so its not surprising.


M6SPW1974 20th Nov 2017 3:14 am

Re: Wanted: AR88D repair service NW England
Hi Rob pal,cheers for your help / advice, you are the first to reply or contact me on here ,i expected a bit more response before now,but thank you so much for replying.

Shropshire / Powys is quite a way for me,was hoping to find somebody in the Lancs,Cumbria West Yorkshire area but will see what occurs on here.

OK on your friend etc,does he actually do repairs?? i think all the bathtub capacitors in this set have been stripped & had modern capacitors installed inside the metal casings of the bathtub capacitors themselves.

The radio itself apart from the S meter it does look to be quite "un got at", so far from the worst example of a near 80 yr old set.

Best regards,Shaun :)

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