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Wendymott 14th Oct 2021 10:15 am

Farnell FG1
Hi peeps...I bought a Farnell FG1 about a year ago, either from here, or Ebay.."canna remember" but not important. As I have other Function generators, it was tested initially, cleaned and put on the shelf. However I decided that it should have an "Airing", and the Sinewave linearity went seriously wrong after about 20 mins. It seemed as though the many plugged modules contacts may be "iffy" as it is at least 40 years old. They were duly cleaned and the sinewave seemed ok.
I made a 10 pin Plug / socket extension lead to aid access to the modules, which resides in the FG1 .
Then two days ago I really needed it....... again the sinewave went distorted then "0".... after about 10 mins. The +/- power rails were ok, and the clue was the Triangle and Square wave outputs were ok.
The module 6 is the triangle to sine converter. VT7 PNP 2N2904 was VERY Hot, thus was removed and measured. It was inconclusive, so I replaced with a 2N4403. Again tested .. ok for 5 mins then no output.. VT5 BC182 NPN was sprayed with freezer and output restored. Thus it was replaced with a 2N4401.
Result. Its a shame Farnell stopped making test equipment, a friend of mine worked at Wetherby in the 70's in the SMP department. Obviously the "bean counters" decided it was not a great direction.

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