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Chris55000 1st Jul 2022 8:03 pm

Replacement PCB Design Service FREE to Registered Members!
Following the successful design and manufacture of Chris Field's Telpro PCB and work well under way on Greg Simon's BRC 2000 H.T. Regulator Board, I have now decided to offer this service FREE to all Registered Members who may have a badly damaged, burnt, cracked or otherwise unusual PCB!

To complete this service I will need :–

a) Either a loan of the damaged Board OR a layout diagram from the service manual that can be scaled/adjusted to the exact size needed ;

b) Ideally the Circuit Diagram of the board/equipment or a link where I can download it!

This service is offered FREE of charge, any payment is taken entirely at the discretion of the Member on the handover of the finished PCB or Gerber Files as the case may be!

The timescale for each board obviously varies as in most cases, tracing by hand is needed, so if anybody wants a Pye 697 Vertical TB and PSU PCB making, this would obviously take a LOT longer than a simple rectangular power supply for instance!

I can replicate the original Manufacturer's Silkscreen Fonts in many cases as my Easy–PC software allows TTF on the PCB Editor.

Boards up to and including 4 layers can be handled, I will use my knowledge and experience to work out the tracking for the inner layers!

If any Member would like to use this service please PM me!

Regarding copyright, it has been determined that even a small difference in the tracking sizes, shapes or routings, or component positions is considered not to be an infringement of the OEM's design – after all Manor Supplies did it once!

Chris Williams

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