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kestrelmusic 29th Oct 2020 9:14 am

Smoker's Cabinet set
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My latest restoration is a late 1920s 'Smoker's Cabinet' set. It is based around a British General coil pack. I had some fun with this as, although all the windings showed continuity, I had to re-wire the reaction coil, as the leads pass through a metal tube and the insulation had crumbled to dust!

I had to more or less guess the circuit, as it was in pieces when I got it, and two of the capacitors had to have the pitch melted out and a modern component inserted. But here it is, more or less finished, and working well.

The coil pack is a curious thing, with two sets of tappings, one from the top for the aerial and one from the bottom for range. The reaction coil is movable, controlled by the knob. I have found that in use the reaction control is very sensitive - no more than a degree or two separates silence from oscillation! But it picks up strong stations well. And it's a handsome piece of furniture. Now, where can I put it?...

vinrads 29th Oct 2020 9:42 am

Re: Smoker's Cabinet set
That's looking very nice Gerry, well done restoring it ,I am sure it will find a home somewhere , Mick.

Peter.N. 29th Oct 2020 9:59 am

Re: Smoker's Cabinet set
Excellent job - I wish radios were as simple as that now!


Herald1360 29th Oct 2020 2:00 pm

Re: Smoker's Cabinet set
Nice looking set, there, but isn't 10nF rather large for the detector grid capacitor? It might have some bearing on your over sensitive reaction problem too.

murphyv310 29th Oct 2020 6:41 pm

Re: Smoker's Cabinet set

Agree with Chris. C1 should be around 100pf.

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