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Panrock 29th Aug 2019 4:53 pm

Bush TV22 - fine example - work needed
I have been approached by a gentleman who has recently acquired a really fine example of the Bush TV22.

This television needs careful, sympathetic attention to bring it back to A1 working condition.

I no longer restore radios and televisions, so we are looking for someone else who can do this set justice. The owner writes:

"Regarding servicing my Bush TV22, I havenít yet decided exactly what to do. Although the condition of my set is really very good and original, I donít have the necessary tools and equipment here in London (not to mention any experience with valve sets...) to do much more than a basic recapping and reform of the electrolytic capacitors, and I would really like to do a more thorough electric overhaul.

I would really prefer to hand my TV to someone with previous experience on this particular set. To facilitate the work of whoever will take on the job, I have given the set a good clean on the inside (mostly loose dust accumulated over decades), the focusing mechanism is working smoothly, as are all the pots, and I will do the final cabinet polishing myself once the electric overhaul has been completed. So Iím really just looking for an electronic overhaul, and not a restoration, although I intend to keep all original components that have been replaced (caps with dates on them, waxed caps, etc.). If you wish, I can send you updated hi-res photos of the setís boards and components."

If you can help, please PM me.

Thanks, Steve

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