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Bazz4CQJ 10th Oct 2017 1:03 am

Re: JVC HR-D120 VCR Won't Start

Originally Posted by Welsh Anorak (Post 981312)
We used to go through a lot of transformers in these - I felt that replacing the thermal fuse was a no-no on a customer's machine. I like the Fisher-Price comment

Can you recal how the fuse is fitted to the transformer?

I've just bought a new Dash Cam; I so wish that was Fisher-Price :).


jayceebee 10th Oct 2017 10:07 pm

Re: JVC HR-D120 VCR Won't Start
The machines in which the mains transformer failed were made in the UK and Europe under licence by the J2T venture and I believe the afflicted TX was of German origin (TFK?). Your HR-D120 probably has a Made In Japan sticker on it, if so the TX will most likely be of Tamradio manufacture and I don't recall ever having to replace one.

I always wondered if failure was due to the voltage difference between the UK and Europe. A failed TX was always replaced but I have temporarily shorted out the thermal fuse to see if the windings were faulty. Some worked OK running cool, some began cooking after just a few seconds or minutes.


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