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Ian - G4JQT 31st Dec 2012 4:36 pm

Editorial corrections
I know there have been some long (and heated) discussions regarding grammar and spelling on this forum. However, may I make a suggestion to the moderators when making corrections?

The usual format to any editorial additions to original text is to place them in square brackets [thus]. It just makes it clear to readers what the author put in brackets and what has been added.

Text in square brackets is widely understood to mean that the contents within these brackets was not written by the original author but added by an editor (or moderator in this case).

I've seen this sort of correction:

your (you're)


your [you're]

would be the correct and less ambiguous form.

I'm sure being a moderator is a thankless task, but I hope you find my suggestion helpful.



Nickthedentist 31st Dec 2012 7:46 pm

Re: Editorial corrections
I think that's a good idea, Ian, and follows editorial convention as you say.

Personally, I feel that correction is only really needed where the meaning is rendered unclear by the poster's errors. Although it's nice to think that people might improve their English as a result of reading the corrections, this rarely seems to happen in practice. But it's not my forum and I don't give up hours of my time being a Moderator, so it's none of my business really!


Paul Stenning 31st Dec 2012 8:44 pm

Re: Editorial corrections
I have highlighted this for discussion in the mods area.

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