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Valvepower 14th May 2022 7:23 pm

Gwent Electronic Services...?
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This is total long shot… however its worth a punt. Hopefully it’s not off topic!

I’ve a Fender amp to restore, which I got from a friend, and it has a ‘serviced by label’ from a company Called: Gwent Electronic Services, 1 Gloster Place, Newport, Gwent in the bottom of the cabinet.

This label dates back to 17/7/1978 so it’s a mighty long time ago at 44 years… Question is: Does anyone remember Gwent Electronic Services. I suppose I’m just curious when I see a label like this.

I did look at 1 Gloster Place on Google maps and found what I recon to have been a shop of some sort.

My friend Barry, the Guitarist in the Hamsters, who I recently bought this amplifier from, bought this amplifier from a musician in the Cardiff area in 1990.

At a tangent the name: PARLOUR BAND is stencilled on the bottom of the amplifier. I’ve found very little on this band, however I found they did one, now, very collectable, album in 1972 and after changing their name to A Band Called "O" eventually disbanding in 1977 – I figure this is when the owner, based in the Cardiff area, took possession of this amplifier.


red16v 15th May 2022 8:52 am

Re: Gwent Electronic Services...?
To carry on your ‘tangent’ if the mods permit, ‘A band called O’ occasionally featured on the BBC’s Sounds of the seventies radio programmes - and not just the John Peel shows. Their Wiki entry reveals there were produced at one time by Chris White, he’s still very much around and a very nice guy. If you wanted more info on the band you’ll likely get a response via ‘The Zombies’ website.

Valvepower 15th May 2022 4:51 pm

Re: Gwent Electronic Services...?
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Hi Red16v,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll keep this brief, as it’s heading off topic and subject.

I hadn’t investigated ‘A band called O’, however looking at the Wiki entry I can see the refence to Chris White. I figure it could be worth reaching out.

As regards the stencil and going at a tangent, I suppose I hadn’t really taken much notice of the stencil on the bottom of the amplifier as its somewhat faded, but with some enhancement using Photoshop I could better see it and I felt it worthy of a mention in the OP. See attached pictures.

What I find interesting was the comment in Wiki “they [Band Called O] had no chart success; but were a popular live act, who toured Britain and Europe” … The same can be said of its previous owner Barry Martin, Guitarist of The Hamsters as the Hamsters also extensively gigged around the UK Britain and Europe with limited chart success. This amplifier was mainly used in his own music den.

I looked after Barry's amps, pedals, and rack equipment.


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