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1100 man 5th Mar 2017 9:33 pm

CFR100 Resistors from RS
Good evening,
I am trying to source a range of resistors which are visually acceptable as replacements in 50' and 60's TV's. I am trying to get something of similar dimensions to the Erie 1/4 Watt series as used at this time in most sets I play with.
The CFR100, 1W carbon comp range from RS seems a good match and at a sensible price too. What I want to know is has anyone ordered any recently so they can tell me exactly what the body colour is? Some pictures show it as beige (which is fine) but the data sheet says it's grey/ green.
It would be nice to know before I order a large quantity.
Many thanks

MrBungle 5th Mar 2017 10:08 pm

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
I used a few of them as loads. Mine were beige.

McMurdo 5th Mar 2017 10:13 pm

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
the cfr is a carbon film, not composition, I guess that's what the CF bit means. Those RS photographs are notoriously unreliable. If the datasheet says the body is a delicate shade of apple green with a hint of mature stilton, I'd be inclined to believe that.

CPC's own brand MCF range are more 'vintage' in a 1960's kind of way. The datasheet says 'beige' unless you order the fusible type.

1100 man 5th Mar 2017 10:53 pm

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
Please, please don't make me use CPC/ Farnell's website. It is hideously horrible and I really, really hate it 8-o 8-o
The only thing that put me off with their MCF range is the 1w are a bit too long and the .5 W are a bit too thin. But beige is good.

McMurdo 6th Mar 2017 12:19 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
I'm not a fan either but their 'multicomp' 1 and 2w beige resistors are slightly squatter and shorter than the usual sort and they already look old fashioned in my eyes.
If you just need the odd value I could maybe have a root through my drawers to see if I can find some NOS to send

MrBungle 6th Mar 2017 12:42 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
If you don't mind waiting a week or two for delivery, Tayda sell old style beige 1W CF resistors which are a pretty good match:

1100 man 6th Mar 2017 12:56 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
Many thanks for the offer, Kevin but I need to stock up on a whole range of values. I used CPC for years but it was so much easier when there was a catalogue with good pictures!!
Interesting link, Mr Bungle- thank you.
Cheers Nick

Diabolical Artificer 6th Mar 2017 9:40 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
CPC still have a paper catalogue if you ask them, there's also an on-line version. CPC's site has got better as has Farnell's with the filter tool. You can also get an "ap" that shows pics when you move your mouse pointer over descriptions.


MrBungle 6th Mar 2017 11:10 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
It's significantly less sluggish than RS's filter tool and doesn't break every 5 minutes I will add. Annoyingly though, there is much more metadata in RS's filter tool.

Biggles 7th Mar 2017 11:33 pm

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
I'm pretty sure the last ones I ordered were a nice beige colour, with four bands. Maybe best to order a sample first before committing to a whole range. Try the on line RS help thing, they may be able to look at a sample for you.

1100 man 8th Mar 2017 1:36 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
Great minds, as they say Biggles...
While you were writing your post telling me to order some samples, I was doing just that ;D
My suitable candidates size wise were the CFR100 range (1W 12x5mm) and the RS pro range (2W 11.5x 4.5mm)
Their CFR100 range seems a bit limited in values, but have ordered several from each range.
Great thing with RS now is free delivery on all orders!!
I also ordered some 0.5 and 1W resistors from the MCF range from CPC. They also do a limited range of high voltage axial electrolytics and polyester film caps which is useful.
RS's site is just about tolerable, and I got though the order without too much pain but CPC's is (as I have already said) unbelievably awful and I hate it with a passion. I did end up shouting at the computer after finally getting through the checkout only to be told that as the delivery address didn't match the card address, I couldn't proceed :wall:
To be fair, they did respond to my email very quickly, and told me to ignore it and checkout anyway!
For goodness sake :angry:
Anyway, I'll wait and see what turns up and report back.
Cheers Nick

MrBungle 8th Mar 2017 10:12 am

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
RS are pretty good if anything goes wrong. They sent me 40 worth of MOVs a while back instead of 50p's worth of resistors and said to keep them, sent the resistors out again (which were resistors) and didn't charge me at all :D

1100 man 11th Mar 2017 10:39 pm

Re: CFR100 Resistors from RS
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Good evening!
I have received my sample resistors from CPC and RS and the results are as follows:

CPC MCF 1W range have a beige body and measure 11mm x 4mm
RS CFR100 1W range have slightly darker beige body also 11mm x 4mm
RS PRO 2W range have a pink body and are also 11mm x 4mm.

Great, CFR100 is the range for me I thought- look pretty good and size is fine. Turns out though that they only do a limited range so could only source about half the values I wanted :(
CPC stock exactly the same range of values in the MCF range, so I couldn't fill in the gaps with those.
So I had to use the RS pro range for the missing values- they do a pretty complete range of these, so it was 'Hobson's choice' really, I'll have to use what people will actually sell me rather than what I would like!! They are a bit pink but are quite pretty really ;D
Most of the metal film types I looked at seemed to be blue so that was no good.
RS also do a catalogue, which arrived the next day FOC. It lists the more common items inc passive components which is much better for browsing.
Also their site is better and the order process simpler plus FREE delivery on any order- no minimum order value :thumbsup:
CPC have not got a catalogue- 2015 was the last and does not seem to still be available.
Hope this may help anyone who is trying to find pleasant looking resistors.
Cheers Nick

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