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Chris55000 23rd May 2021 7:03 pm

Levell TM14 Insulation Tester

I have finally after several years hunting, won one of these Levell TM14 instruments, so the first job on the agenda will be to redraw Levell's "kiddie scribbles" into something a little easier and clearer to read!

I do have a layout diagram of the PCB for one of these, but as I'd sneaked it out of a former employer, I felt unable to post it whilst they were still in business!

Now they are no more (Telford sold me a couple of T & M books with their library filing labels on them!) there is no longer any reason why this shouldn't be posted now, so I'll get it scanned as soon as I find it!

This diagram has the diode and transistor types on it which I know Members have been after!

I am certainly curious as to why Levell used "J" as the circuit reference for transistors tho'.

Chris Williams

WME_bill 23rd May 2021 8:24 pm

Re: Levell TM14 Insulation Tester
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Levell TM14.
Would the attached copy of the manual and circuit save you some effort.
I believe I might have a copy of the parts and transistor types, but cannot find it at present. So I would quite like your updated list.

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