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sparkymike 13th Jan 2019 10:20 am

Is it possible to put the "sticky" posts in a seperate folder at top of page for each section , rather than having to scroll down a whole page to get to the main posts ? It seems to me that the "stickies" are bent on taking over the radio world.!!

Station X 13th Jan 2019 10:26 am

Re: "Sticky"
One for Paul Stenning.

Why would you want to scroll down through the stickies? I just use the "unread posts" option.

Terry_VK5TM 13th Jan 2019 10:56 am

Re: "Sticky"
I scroll through as well, can't put my finger on why, the "unread posts" option, for want of a better description, feels uncomfortable.

Possible side effect of putting the 'stickys' in a separate folder is that they will go unnoticed.

sparkymike 13th Jan 2019 3:30 pm

Re: "Sticky"
""Possible side effect of putting the 'stickys' in a separate folder is that they will go unnoticed. ""
Simple cure for that, just a note at top of sticky folder to state" read stickies for common problems."

buggies 13th Jan 2019 7:33 pm

Re: "Sticky"

Originally Posted by Station X (Post 1110222)

Why would you want to scroll down through the stickies? I just use the "unread posts" option.

I have just spent 5 minutes looking for that option - only place I can find it is once I have opened a normal thread.

Station X 13th Jan 2019 7:46 pm

Re: "Sticky"
I should have said "New Posts" :dunce: , but I guess that's no good if you only want to look at a particular section?

buggies 13th Jan 2019 10:36 pm

Re: "Sticky"
Ah - thanks - understood. I tried that but I much prefer to read the forum sections in some sort of priority sequence - so am stuck with the sticky scrolling drag too.

julie_m 13th Jan 2019 10:45 pm

Re: "Sticky"
At least threads aren't regularly being "stuck" and "unstuck" on this forum, so the amount you need to scroll before you get to the action doesn't vary much over time.

For me, it's as though my fingers remember for themselves how far to scroll in each section. But it's possible I just spend entirely too much time here .....

Nuvistor 13th Jan 2019 11:34 pm

Re: "Sticky"
There are only 3 sections with many stickyís, audio, components and forum announcements, I donít seem to notice them unless I am referring to them. I use a tablet most of the time so itís just a quick swipe to get over the sticky threads.

Itís possbile that I also spend too much time here.

Paul Stenning 14th Jan 2019 12:22 pm

Re: "Sticky"
The whole point of stickies is that they are visible at the top of the section and don't get lost. Hiding then away in a separate folder would have exactly the opposite effect.

We should probably go through the stickies and see if they are all still needed though, especially in sections with lots of them.

Nymrod121 14th Jan 2019 1:49 pm

Re: "Sticky"
Pity ... I was rather looking forward to a Forum-specific "Stikipedia" section ;)


Station X 14th Jan 2019 2:04 pm

Re: "Sticky"
The record player section is the one with the most stickies, 18 to be exact.

Personally I doubt whether many newbies read them, but it's handy being able to link to them easily.

Techman 14th Jan 2019 2:12 pm

Re: "Sticky"
I don't particularly use any forum tools to find new posts, I just randomly look at sections that interest me. Sometimes I forget where I've commented on a thread after a few days have past.

I don't particularly find all the 'stickies. a problem, but now it's been mentioned I'll probably start to notice it. I find much more of an irritation is those folk who persistently 'quote' an entire lengthy previous post in an answer immediately below said post. Why do they do it? Sometimes it's done by those who should know better. At least the software doesn't 're-post' all the pictures at full size as seen in other places. When I use the 'quote' button I do it for a 'reason' and, if it's possible, I only quote a particular relevant section of the post - and I've still rather annoyingly in the distant past had the 'quote' removed by 'someone'!

dave walsh 14th Jan 2019 4:53 pm

Re: "Sticky"
The site owner makes an obvious point about visibility being essential to promote usage but I would suggest that the stickies are still all quite useful to refer and point others to. In that sense I'd be happy to see them remain both for quick access and also historic value. There's not that many of them [overall] and "clear outs" in the past have seen things disappear altogether. It's quite interesting to see how the advice [re Radiograms for example] has changed now [when we never really thought that it would] and keeping that record may be invaluable even if there is a current update added. Normally we try to preserve things here after all8-\

A bigger but related issue is the "new entrants", seemingly resulting from You Tube and a widespread "Retro" interest, some of who see to have a different perception of a Forum and expect free one to one tuition, often at painful and incomprehensible length! This has culminated in a few people [seemingly] taking offence and "resigning" in a "huff" when they are not readily agreed with. Bizarrely, they are also sometimes very polite and grateful about it [or not] which is confusing in itself. Either way it's frustrating and time wasting.

Perhaps an explanatory banner or front page [I'm not computer savvy] would be a better option? We could make an electrical safety warning the very first item, followed by an explanation re what the site is ie not a free tuition or valuation service [with exceptions for those unable to research for themselves] and what the Forum IS ie like minded polite people helping each other but not necessarily from very first inclination to "get in to radio" based on what they have read about "re-capping" elsewhere.

That's where the UKVRRR was always so different-the methodical approach! You can't get into the "Modern" section without 10 posts. Perhaps being obliged to look at Paul Stennings excellent "Guide to Obtaining and Repairing Radios" plus Stickies related to any enquiry BEFORE proceeding [there isn't a direct link] would be appropriate these days and serve to help everyone? In the meantime, should there a limit on some threads when they are getting bogged down due to attitude or a lack of comprehension?:shrug:

Dave W

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