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PYE0181 21st Apr 2021 10:11 pm

Looking for PYE Identification
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Hoping you can help me identify this old PYE radio that belonged to my grandfather. I came across it today while clearing out the attic.

It was made in the PYE subsidiary company in Dundrum Ireland. I can find little to no information on the Internet about this specific radio and was advised to come you guys for help 😊 I'd love to know the model and year of manufacture?

It simply says Model: 0181, the number here looks like it might be individually stamped onto the radio if that makes a difference 🤷 This "model" no. I can't find attached to PYE anywhere would anyone have any insight? It also has Solid state written on the front.. I believe this means that it is a transistor radio rather than a tube radio, would this be right?

I'm also led to believe that the names of the pirate radio station Caroline and the Isle of Man Station Manx is a pretty unique combination 🤔

Any information kindly received,
Many thanks,

paulsherwin 22nd Apr 2021 8:17 am

Re: Looking for PYE Identification
I don't recognise it, but Dundrum had a lot of independence and didn't just make rebadged UK models. It is a transistor radio from about 1965. The BBC national networks changed to their current names in 1967, so it's from before that. Caroline North launched in 1964.

Some UK manufacturers did make tuning scales showing Caroline and some other pirates in the mid 60s, but this is the first time I've seen it with a Dundrum set. Both Caroline North and Manx Radio would have provided decent signals in Dublin and the east coast of the Republic.

Interesting that it covers FM. RTÉ had only just started FM broadcasting at that time, though BBC transmitters in England and Northern Ireland could be heard in parts of the Republic from the late 50s onwards.

This radio may use AF117 series transistors, which are prone to internal short circuits by now. It's usually fairly straightforward to change them.

PYE0181 22nd Apr 2021 5:01 pm

Re: Looking for PYE Identification
Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your reply, I'm really enjoying learning about this unique piece from my grandad.
I reckon 1965 is probably about spot on according to aunt's recollection. Seems as though it's a fairly unique model alright. Be brilliant to get it restored. Would you know by chance anywhere that restores them in Dublin/Ireland where I could bring it?
Many thanks

Station X 23rd Apr 2021 11:12 am

Re: Looking for PYE Identification
You may be able to find a restorer by posting in this section:-

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