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Linnovice 12th Jun 2022 4:11 pm

A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
Hi all, yet another problem with my A77 rebuild. One step forward ???.

On the switch board (This is the mother board that all the audio cards plug into, No.1.077.435) there is a horizontal trimmer which controls the crosstalk setting between channels. Mine has disintegrated and I am struggling to find a replacement. It is called a Ruwido S 76 K 250K-20%-0.15W. It appears to be a horizontal trimmer that is adjusted through the board it's mounted on.

Can anyone suggest where I can get a replacement please? I've looked on Cricklewood's site and Digitec's site but cannot find anything remotely like it. I would be very grateful for some guidance here.

Right now I feel like Sylvester, just about to jump on Tweedy Pie and the ******* flown away again!! :wave:

tonewheelkev 12th Jun 2022 4:20 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
I've just been buying a load of side adjusters from this is the selection that they're offering :

Scroll down the list...!

tonewheelkev 12th Jun 2022 4:36 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
Previous post has the P15's the P10 size too.
B77 has both P10 and P15 sizes!

If P10 is your size....pack of 2 here for almost nowt

.....I'll stop going on now!!! :blah:

Linnovice 12th Jun 2022 4:48 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
Great, thank you, you keep goin on . . . would you know if they can be adjusted from the back? I will have a scroll through and ask the vendor.
Thanks again.

tonewheelkev 12th Jun 2022 4:50 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
Couldn't resist.....this board looks like it has had a Piher trim fitted....


Linnovice 12th Jun 2022 5:41 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
HaHa! :laugh1:

Yes, that's the kiddy. In reality it's not difficult to adjust from the back (I think).

Thanks for the information. It's appreciated.:thumbsup:

tonewheelkev 12th Jun 2022 5:48 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)'s MisterKevster....on Tapeheads!! :)

Linnovice 25th Jun 2022 6:06 pm

Re: A77 Trimmer (Ruwido)
Finally, it’s finished! At one point I though it was not going to happen but in the end with a ready supply of components it came through and in all modesty, I’m extremely pleased with it. I now have a genuine ‘standard’ speed half track A77. Completely refurbished with new heads, capstan motor, capacitors, trimmers plus the odd resistor where the originals weren’t quite to spec. Well worth the effort (and occasional frustration).

Thank you all for your recommendations, advice and just plain assistance. It was very much appreciated. (The knee replacement went well too ��).

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