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Chris_Blowfield 26th Sep 2021 8:44 pm

Grundig TK6 tape counter please :-)
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Hi All,

Several months back I bought a Grundig TK6 reel to reel tape recorder on Gumtree. The unit was in pretty good condition, just requiring some TLC and a slightly fiddly replacement mains transformer. After I got it all working well, I set my hand to cleaning. I was cleaning the tone and volume controls with IPA and a cotton swap and slipped onto the tape counter. To my absolute horror, the tape counter numerals are painted on, and the paint came almost completely off. Regretfully, in the process of trying to paint the numbers back on, I may have (read: definitely have) broken the mechanism entirely (I had no idea how fiddly they can be)!

Are there any superheroes out there with a spare tape counter mechanism for either the TK6 (with reset wheel) or the TK6L (with a reset button)? Mine has the wheel but it looks like either version will work with my chassis and cutouts. Thanks for reading my post :) Chris

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