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Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 1:35 am

1990s Tefal Toaster.
Does anyone remember the Tefal long slot toaster from the 1990s? It just had one big, wide slot, with a bread carriage that adjusted itself to whatever thickness of bread slice (or crumpet) that was inserted.

It didn't have all those wire elements inside, either. Just two (silica?) tubes on either side against highly reflective metal curved background sheets.

It was the best toaster I've ever had, and it was a sad day when it finally went pop with a blue flash that frightened the life out of me! My digital Freeview box also went pop, with an almost as impressive a blue flash the same day - probably unrelated, but you never know....!

Do any of you know of anything similar on the market today? I've put up with my budget 5 toaster from Morrison's for quite a while, and toying with the idea of treating myself to one of those fancy Dualit numbers. But from the reviews I've seen, they're not all they're cracked up to be either!

I quite fancy one with mechanised lowering/raising. It really jars on me when the toast pops up so abruptly.

Sorry to have rambled on about toast! I know it's not technically a vintage item, but please indulge me! Any opinions are very welcome.

electrogram 20th Jan 2019 1:56 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
I was using one until 3-4 years ago, dating from about 185 I think, element looked a bit like one from an electric fire but smaller diameter. Latterly it had recurrent problems with switch contacts, I think that is why I stopped using it. A couple of of years ago I bought another at a car boot sale for 50p ,this one was a trendy beige/brown colour, still haven't tried it, the other one was white with grey square pattern. Currently using a modern(ish) maybe 20yrs old Morphy Richards. I have a 1960s green Morphy Richards which I hope to get going sometime, bought at a car boot sale, the cable had been cut off. No worries about rambling on about toast, it's important!

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 2:17 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
I like you, electrogram! Yes, toast is very important!

Someone once said to me a classic line - "I like a bit of toast with my butter".

Says it all, really, doesn't it? ;D

TonyDuell 20th Jan 2019 7:28 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
I remember that Tefal toaster well...

The element was a helix of resistance wire (Nichrome?) wound on a ceramic rod. There was no silica casing. The elements would burn out, one end would touch the earthed metal casing with predictable results.

You could get the elements as a spare part, they came as the pair joined together (wires crimped to the ends of the resistance wire. The first time it happened, I fitted a new pair but kept the old ones. The second time, I used the 2 good elements (one from each set), cutting the wire that joined a set about halfway along, soldering the ends together (normal connecting wire that would take solder) and insulating the joint with a bit of pyrex glass tubing.

Now I have a horrible cheap toaster. When it fails I shall buy a Rowlett....

Mike Phelan 20th Jan 2019 9:51 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
We've had a Dualit for years - no electronics, and and still the same design made now.
Makes perfect even toast, even with home made thick bread (we've not had plastic supermarket bread for years.)
Not cheap, but worth it.

Electronpusher0 20th Jan 2019 10:00 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
We have a cheap toaster with the exposed tape type elements wound round what looks like a rectangular piece of mica.
My biggest challenge is stopping my wife using our metal handled knives to free stuck bits of toast (yes the kitchen sockets are RCD protected but even so)
I would love to find a toaster with enclosed elements.


dglcomp 20th Jan 2019 10:20 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Bosch do one with two tubular quartz heating device per side, not cheap though when compared to a standard 2 slot toaster @ 64.50 but I suppose you gets what you pay for.

Herald1360 20th Jan 2019 11:01 am

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Trouble is, unless you've any good test info that says otherwise, single bar type toasters can do just as uneven a job as any other poorly laid out one. I know from experience!

I now have a classic Dualit 4/2 toaster with clockwork timer. The toaster was free ;D but the replacement timer it needed cost about the same as two cheap toasters. Has anyone else noticed that sourdough bread takes longer to toast but the result is well worth the wait?

:thumbsup: to the butter comment. There's a sweetspot for buttering in the brief interval between the toast firming up as it cools and being too cool to melt the butter in slightly. :-)

duncanlowe 20th Jan 2019 12:19 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
We have one, maybe from the late nineties or early noughties. Swan Elegance. Two long wide slots to do two or four slices and a switch on the side to switch off the second slot. How many times did we get two decent pieces of toast plus two done only on one side?

It has thin quartz heating tubes. Two in the centre between the slots one on the outside of each slot.

Very little used now since I can't have toast any more.

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 5:03 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
The tubes in mine were definitely glass. There was no element wire visible at all. And they glowed nicely orange when doing the toast!

Just like one of those radiant heaters (Dimplex?) that used to be fitted high up on the wall in bathrooms.

paulsherwin 20th Jan 2019 6:12 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
I've never got on with toasters, and just use the cooker grill. Maybe I've just never used a good one being a cheapskate, but it seems like a lot of palaver for little benefit.

julie_m 20th Jan 2019 6:24 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Me too, Paul! I prefer the taste of gas toast over electric toast anyway.

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 7:00 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
The best toast I've ever had was done on a toasting fork in front of a cast-iron solid fuel stove. It was proper confectioner's bread, too. Cut into doorsteps and slathered with best butter.

I don't know why we always tend to say 'best' butter here in Lancashire! Everybody says it! Do you all in other counties say it aswell?

yesnaby 20th Jan 2019 7:04 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Coal fire was the best!

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 7:13 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
That's a nice looking cat, yesnaby! He(?) looks a real character!

McMurdo 20th Jan 2019 7:29 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
1 Attachment(s)
We had one at home that lasted many years (bi-metallic strip type, exposed elements) ) and when I left home I had one here (same but with electronic control, silica coated elements).

I've still got mine, 23 years later. Came from Comet I think. The only someone else has said, is the contacts. Every so often I have to open it up and clean the contacts, otherwise it either arcs slightly, or else pops the toast out before it's done.

The reflectors inside ensure an even browning and it will take 2 bagels, waffles, baps, rolls, even normal bread!

Tefal call them the 'Thick n Thin'.

pic of the old versus the new (the old ones were available in a variety of colours, I've only seen the newer ones in white).

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 7:41 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Yes! That one on the right-hand side of your photo was the one I had.

So nice to see it again. Does it have a sort of 'three-leaf clover' shaped fitted plug like mine did?

And you're spot on with the name! Thick'n'Thin!

1100 man 20th Jan 2019 10:01 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.

Originally Posted by Lancs Lad (Post 1112484)
Sorry to have rambled on about toast! I know it's not technically a vintage item, but please indulge me! Any opinions are very welcome.

You really need to have been a student in the '80's to understand the importance of toast to the human being! It was all that kept us alive (apart from beer of course)! Plus Marmite!

Toast was so important that 'Streetband' did a song about it in 1978 (probably the finest year in musical history)

I can't believe the Mods have allowed a thread about toast!;D They must all be snoozing quietly....!

I did have one of these 'thick-n-thin' toasters which did work really well. It definitely had ceramic elements akin to an electric fire. It was cosmetically challenged though as it had a plastic bag melted onto the side!


Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 10:01 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
And yes! I am actually geeky enough to remember what the plug looked like.

It wasn't exactly a moulded plug, but it was obviously factory-fitted, and couldn't be unscrewed.

Does yours have that same plug, Kevin? Cream coloured top cover, with a black centre around the pins?

Lancs Lad 20th Jan 2019 10:05 pm

Re: 1990s Tefal Toaster.
Oh, Nick! How great to see your post.

Yes! Marmite! On hot buttery toast - I'm in heaven!

Maybe the Moderators like toast as much as we do...;)

Did you get my PM, Nick?

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