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Merlin 20th Feb 2007 5:09 pm

'Finished; Vibrato / Tremolo for guitar!
I've finally finished my valve vibrato unit; the "Worthington Vibrotron"! Inspired by the articles on, I've always wanted to try out a true vibrato effect.
I happened to have a small 150V tranformer that didn't seem much good for an amp, so I created this instead using a pair of ECC81s and an ECC82 (because they're cheap, like me). Seems to work pretty well, especially on high freq' settings. When set to "Trem" only, you can get almost a stutter effect- the waveform looks pretty cool! One nice feature of this is that the indicator LED flashes in time with the oscillator. Now all I need is some sort of grill for the front and back.

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Dr Rubberfunk 23rd May 2007 12:24 pm

Re: 'Finished; Vibrato / Tremolo for guitar!
Nice! Looks and sounds superb! I'd really like to get into doing some DIY fx projects - was thinking of buying one of these fx pedal kits to practice my skills on. I find valves a bit frightening to be honest :)

That said, I've got an old colorsound overdriver pedal that doesn't work that I keep saying I'll try and fix ... :-/

Anyway - good job on the Vibotron!

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