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tinkera123 20th Jul 2021 4:35 am

Marconi R1155 history
Hi all,

I have a Marconi R1155A. Its Serial number is 28760.

Is it possible to trace some of its history? ... ie where it was used? In RAF? Or stock? How did it get to Australia?? etc Do these Records exist and are they accessible??

Just a bit of background ... my R1155 has the DF stripped out except for some snipped off wires ... otherwise it seems to me to be quite original. Has AM badge, Jones Plugs, early Tuning control, good colours in frequency ranges, original valves and covers, shielding, stamps etc ... however, the wiring insulation is brittle and all caps are old etc..

As yet I haven't started any restoration work ... still in process of checking components, circuitry etc to make sure I know what I have. But, I can see that any removal of parts for replacement or checking is going to cause problems with wiring insulation .... :-/

I know the general history, but nothing about this individual radio. Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Ian

HamishBoxer 20th Jul 2021 10:03 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Welcome to the forum Ian! Not sure about tracing the history of a particular set, be very interesting if you could.

I have 3 of these sets and thankfully all but untouched, it was common that the DF side was removed, a bit like 19 sets with the B set gone.

The rubber wiring will need replacing and there is an excellent book on restoring by I think, an Australian chap.

tinkera123 21st Jul 2021 1:29 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Hi HamishBoxer,

Yes, Peter Holtham's book ... I have searched a few sites for his book, but it seems 'unobtainium' so far.

There is a lot of info on web, some relevant to me, some not. Still trawling through web pages and trying to formulate a plan.

A question for those who have been down this path already ... the adjusting slugs, eg in IF cans, other tuning slugs etc, have been sealed in position with a lacquer of some description. I have run into shattered slugs previously and want to be forewarned with these ... what have people used to soften/remove the lacquer without damage to Formers etc.

Ditto ... any advice re tuning trimmer caps which have been sealed with red and orange paint(?).

Thanks, Ian

HamishBoxer 21st Jul 2021 9:50 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Hello Ian,
Yes that was the excellent book and I think possibly there was a later version of it.

Re the slugs etc, normally if if not already been got, they do not need re alignment.

I have done many restorations of valve equipment and very few have warranted alignment.

I could only suggest if needed any adjustment on the trimmers, possibly paint remover or nail polish remover might be worth a try.



ex seismic 21st Jul 2021 3:43 pm

Re: Marconi R1155 history
You email Peter direct for a copy of his book.


tinkera123 22nd Jul 2021 12:21 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Thanks, I will chase down an Email address. Ian

Julesomega 22nd Jul 2021 11:22 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history

Originally Posted by ex seismic (Post 1391825)
You email Peter direct for a copy of his book

Yes, unfortunately now unobtaniable. Searching the forum for Peter Holtham finds that he used to have a blogspot for his 1155 work and book but that has now gone :(

tinkera123 23rd Jul 2021 1:47 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Re Peter Holtam book - here's hoping that some-one reading this Thread has one surplus to their needs ... :) ... preferably in Oz, as postage costs from overseas are usually very high.
Cheers, Ian

Station X 23rd Jul 2021 7:31 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Peter Holtham is a forum member, but hasn't logged in for over two years.

His forum username is pnh0001. He doesn't accept emails via the forums, but you could try a PM. He has a notification set up so he'll receive an email to alert him to the fact he has a PM.

lesmw0sec 23rd Jul 2021 8:14 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
3 Attachment(s)
Attached is some pictures of an R1155 rescued from a skip. Prior use had seen it drastically 'improved' well before it was thrown out, necessitating a complete strip and re-wire. Since a great deal of original items had gone missing, I added a 6V6 output stage, internal PSU and small speaker. For the last five years this has given good service beside my bed. The valves are all the original and even older than me...

bill knox 24th Jul 2021 12:38 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history

I have a copy of Peter Holtham's book on restoring the R1155, I bought it a few years ago and if my memory serves me correctly it cost me £25 and £25 for delivery from Australia

I have an address in Australia,


His email address is

I have not spoken to him for some time so he may have moved, It may help with postage if you can get someone else to buy a book as well, as I seem to remember that it was the same postage to send 1book or 2.

Hope this is of some help



tinkera123 24th Jul 2021 1:10 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
4 Attachment(s)
Hi lesmw0secs,

Yes, a lot of my stuff has also come as Dump rescues. That front panel must have been a challenge ... looks a heck of a lot better now ... ;D My skills are more with the internal stuff. I bought this radio, so it is in much better condition. The front panel will be cleaned, maybe a couple of small panels to hide holes, or dummy switches if I can match the look of the removed DF stuff, re-arrange Plug ares etc..

Internally ... well, who knows at this point. Pieces of wiring insulation are falling off already when I turn the radio over to trace out wiring ... :( ... but I have plenty of time and patience.

Station X .... thanks, I might try the PM route, but sounds like Peter H may not want to be disturbed with this.

Cheers, Ian

lesmw0sec 24th Jul 2021 8:00 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Tinker - it looks like yours has been 'improved' to the same extent - but at least not so much corrosion! Plenty of diagrams on the web to assist with re-wiring, I suspect that the decoupling caps have also had it by now.

merlinmaxwell 24th Jul 2021 8:08 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Why the different tuning gang spacings?

HamishBoxer 24th Jul 2021 9:34 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history
Those .1uF,s will certainly be duff in the cans. 3 caps per can.

When I bought my book, I certainly do not remember high postage costs.

ms660 24th Jul 2021 10:22 am

Re: Marconi R1155 history

Originally Posted by merlinmaxwell (Post 1392460)
Why the different tuning gang spacings?

Oscillator stability I would have thought.

The Collins TCS-12 uses the same trick, in that one the value of the oscillator tuning capacitor is higher than those in the RF section, so far as I can make out.


Julesomega 29th Jul 2021 12:36 pm

Re: Marconi R1155 history
I emailed Peter and he has copies of his book still available but is not planning a revised edition. He charges UK£45 incl postage to the UK. He will be happy to ship several copies together so I am hoping a few other members will show their intention to buy and will put down a deposit on the basis of which Peter can confirm the total cost including shipping. I will buy a few more copies for members who may not see this til later, or BVWS members, and any left over I will sell outside the forum

Assuming each book is under 0.5kg the additional UK postage will be £2 so I am hoping the reduction in international shipping costs will make this worthwhile.
Pleae email or PM me for payment details; I suggest £5 deposit

Julesomega 27th Aug 2021 1:20 pm

Re: Marconi R1155 history
I ordered three copies from Peter and they arrived this week, so I have two copies for offer to other members here, now posted under 'offers'

John KC0G 29th Aug 2021 8:18 pm

Re: Marconi R1155 history
So, which edition of the book is Peter shipping?

Thanks and 73, John KC0G

Cobaltblue 29th Aug 2021 8:33 pm

Re: Marconi R1155 history
From the pictures in the items offered (now closed) its the 3rd edition.


Mikd T

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