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vinrads 14th Jul 2021 3:05 pm

Philco 100 was AC/DC now AC only
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The story is I repaired one of these for a chap he brings me the things he is stuck with , to cut a long story short when he came to collect it I commented that it wasn't my sort of thig normally but there was something about this one I liked , he then said that he had another one the same so a deal was struck .He said it was in good condition ,his idea of good condition and mine were a million miles apart .
It arrived a few days later , It was in a right state someone had tried to replace the speaker cloth not very successfully ,it had bee varnished looks like it was applied with a trowel ,the side were painted with a thick layer of black stuff ,so the cabinet had to come apart ,I was left with four pieces top bottom and two sides , having removed what looked like mastic from all the joints I sanded all the wood and veneer , and started by fitting new (well very old) speaker cloth tygan type , a pain in the bum to fit ,but it now looks ok , glued some leather cloth to the sides , stained the top and to bottom finished with clear coat.
The electronics I fancied converting it to A/C only I never did like the A/C D/C radios , so re wired the heaters , for 6.3 volt found a mains tx to supply the correct voltage well near!, did away with the valve rect fitted full wave diodes , and a dropper resistor plus extra 33uf smoothing ,we now have correct HT found the original fault the choke / output tx oc had one in the bit's box and the set of E valves , got it working , one knob missing , kindly supplied by Rich ak Slidertogrid at no cost to me thanks so much , after a quick alignment it performs very well on all wavebands ,Mick. Rich your is the one on the far right thanks again.

slidertogrid 14th Jul 2021 4:22 pm

Re: Philco 100 was AC/DC now AC only
You have made a fantastic job of that Mick! I have one in my collection which came from a car boot sale 10 or so years ago for 1! I considered it a bit "new" at the time but I have come to like it!

G6Tanuki 14th Jul 2021 8:27 pm

Re: Philco 100 was AC/DC now AC only
That's a really rather nice looking radio: good to see it given a new lease of life!

deliverance 19th Jul 2021 4:19 pm

Re: Philco 100 was AC/DC now AC only
Lovely job Mick, I wonder how many radios you have repaired / restored over the years.

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