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Station X 22nd Feb 2021 4:05 pm

Lettering Perspex?
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These "windows" from a Hallicrafters SX24 are probably made from Celluloid. One is cracked, the other badly discoloured and warped. I intend to replace them with Perspex or a similar material. Any suggestions as to how this could be lettered and cursor lined? The lettering is on the reverse side, ie inside the radio.


GrimJosef 22nd Feb 2021 4:12 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
Perhaps engraved from the rear and the depressions then back-filled with black paint ? Something similar was done for the Quad II amplifier serial number plate. The main design appears to have been moulded in, but the individual serial numbers must have been cut. Both were then filled with off-white paint and the whole lot backed with a second pale purple/beige layer. An engraving firm might advise.



ChristianFletcher 22nd Feb 2021 4:38 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
I have recently had some success using toner transfer using the hot iron method this would work if the ink side is on the inside as it’s fragile and will scratch off. It possible to transfer the image without melting the plastic but required experimenting. You can also laser print directly on to acetate sheet like OHP film. I am experimenting with my CNC router but cannot report success yet.

Also clear water slide transfers

I normally find better results drawing from scratch rather than trying to copy the original item.

jonnybear 23rd Feb 2021 2:35 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
If you have a Brother P touch or have access to one using a clear tape with black ink you can print mirror images which will adhere to glass or perspex.

text from manual
Two line texts are printed in NORMAL regardless of the setting.
• Use clear tape in MIRROR, so the labels appear on the other side when stuck on glass,
windows or other transparent surfaces

Station X 23rd Feb 2021 2:38 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
Good idea. I have both. I'll have to experiment, hopefully without wasting too much tape!


G6Tanuki 23rd Feb 2021 6:38 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
One possible option [though un-original] - contact someone who does trophy-engraving.

In the past I've used such a person to reverse-engrave a sheet of Perspex/Plexiglass. Illuminated from the edges the engraved text/logos show up really nicely.

majoconz 23rd Feb 2021 7:23 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
The frequency scale on a Sony CRF5090 I bought at an auction was badly warped. With nothing to lose I removed the whole scale, gently ironed it flat but it shrunk, scanned it, enlarged it, took the jpg file to a local printer who printed it onto matt transparency, refitted onto the scale drum and now works perfectly. The whole story is here...

Craig Sawyers 24th Feb 2021 12:10 am

Re: Lettering Perspex?
Transparent waterslide Decal? I've used that on front panels with great success. Available for ink jet or laser printers (you need to buy the right kind).

I don't have any experience using them on transparent perspex though.

Oldcodger 24th Feb 2021 1:29 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?

Originally Posted by Station X (Post 1345347)
Good idea. I have both. I'll have to experiment, hopefully without wasting too much tape!


From the PCB side of things - Printable Acetate sheet . As sold by the likes of Hobby craft under thwe trade name "STIX2" , and other suppliers. ( I mentioned Hobbycraft as it;;'s
( .
I know some folks on here do not like using this S/W, but I've found it's possible to print on the reverse side and by using the options ,in colours other thn the program options ( copy & past in desired colours to a photo shop program) and adjust size .
i usually do the master onto white paper to check I've got the size right and then use a A 4/5/6 sheet to print on to . Might seem a bit of a faff, but I've found it works.
Hobbycraft do click & collect

G4XWDJim 24th Feb 2021 4:03 pm

Re: Lettering Perspex?
I made an R1155 dial using inkjet waterslide transfer material on to a Perspex home made dial so that it would illuminate evenly from the rear. Very successful and looked good.


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