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Wendymott 28th Sep 2019 4:54 pm

PCB saw revisited.
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Hi Peeps... I thought you may be interested in my revised PCB Material saw.

Building the one featured in this forum, I was quite disappointed with its performance, mainly it was under powered and too small for my needs.

I increased the bed size to 300 mm in length, and ordered a new motor from Ebay... this is a 12/24V DC motor capable of 10,000 rpm.. it states "Large Torque.. but no figures.. However it was approx 25% larger than the original motor, so I thought.. big is better. The shaft size was increased from 3 mm to 5 mm. AND... it cost 5.89 inc postage.
When I returned from my "jollies", I set to and upgraded the saw. I had to increase the vertical clearance by 5mm, so I added spacers to the end mountings rather than making new ones..
The motor plate needed replacing though... not enough metal to mount the motor face.
I Made a new saw mandrel to cope with the new 5mm shaft and fitted a shake proof washer to stop it coming undone..however the rotation of the motor is important.. the wrong rotation and a right handed thread will unscrew... thus I changed the start end to furthest away from me.. cutting towards me.
I had already fitted a saw guard as suggested by Argus..and I was fortunate to buy a LED lamp which fits very neatly onto the motor plate.
I needed better illumination as it was difficult to see the edge of the blade.
It still needs a PSU, however at present its not an urgent problem as the saw will only be used infrequently, and I have sufficient bench supplies.
The photo's show... quick and dirty...a means to an end... not an end in its self.
I am not decrying the previous articles, its just that in my circumstance it was just not up to my requirements.
I hope this may be of use to other members.

M3VUV51 29th Sep 2019 2:52 am

Re: PCB saw revisited.
i use a bench grinder with some madrels to fit a 5inch x 1mm angle grinder thin metal cutting blade,cuts fingers as well as pcb material!!

crackle 2nd Oct 2019 8:47 am

Re: PCB saw revisited.
Dont you just reverse the motor connections to reverse direction of rotation.


Wendymott 2nd Oct 2019 9:56 am

Re: PCB saw revisited.
Hi Crackle.. Yes thats what you do.. but then the face of "attack" is changed.. thus you saw away from you.

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