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ricksteptoe 15th Jul 2017 8:51 pm

Kirby Heritage 2HE
Hi all,
could anybody give me a couple of pointers re the above? I picked it up from the auction this morning, and on testing later worked fine. After fitting the brush belt it was totally dead in the motor department, the neon in the motor housing comes on with the foot switch, so the power is getting in, but no smoke, no hum, no nothing!

Is there a known fault I should be looking for, rather than stripping the whole thing down. During earlier test there was no hesitation or intermittency to suggest a bad connection or fractured wire, so am at a loss.

Thanks in anticipation,


rambo1152 16th Jul 2017 12:41 am

Re: Kirby Heritage 2HE
Check continuity to the motor, then look at the brushes
Motor brushes often give out one last swansong like that.
Looks like a 10 min job
WARNING scary video;)

keithinuk 16th Jul 2017 3:14 pm

Re: Kirby Heritage 2HE
I would say its not the brushes.

Is there a known fault

Not as such, If it has the same setup as the Classic, you will find a multi lead switch low down at the front of the motor, behind the beater attachment, this can be fragile, cracked or may have moved, plus if an attachment is not fitted perfectly, IE beater head and so on, it will not work, the Kirby will light up but the motor will not work.
The switch can be problematic, being so low to the ground and plastic It can be a problem, look at this first.

I have two Kirby classics and I also have a backup motor, you never know.

ricksteptoe 16th Jul 2017 6:50 pm

Re: Kirby Heritage 2HE
Thanks for the information, I'll check it out, and report back.



ricksteptoe 13th Oct 2017 7:09 pm

Re: Kirby Heritage 2HE
So sorry for the delay in replying, but the vac got sidelined, not least by health problems.

Anyway, it seems this model has some sort of interlock on the lamp housing which kills the motor. Needless to say on my machine it was intermittent, but smacking the housing firmly after fitting the belt for the seventeenth time sorted the problem, and it is now working! Not as nice as a proper pre-war Hoover junior, but I'm not the end user. Somehow my sister isn't as impressed with old stuff as I am.

Thanks to all who responded.

Mods, this can now be closed.



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