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Pamphonica 4th Nov 2021 6:06 pm

Marconi 2380/2382 Spectrum Analyser (with faults)ts
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The BTTT has been given this complete but faulty 400MHz spectrum analyser to sell for funds. These devices are very capable when working well.

It is complete, and in good condition. On power-up everything lights up and after a diagnostic screen, the full, detailed display appears, but it ends up flashing lights on the lower unit. (Display/control on top, RF gubbins below). The very comprehensive service manual (inches thick) included with it says this is a "communications error" where the bottom unit is not responding to the top unit. The two essential rear interconnect cables ARE present.
I will take expressions of interest (including proposed donation to BTTT) via PM, please. And PM me if you have any questions and I can provide my phone number for a proper chat.

I am happy to cart it to Royal Wootton Bassett in December, or deliver within say 15-20 miles for petrol cost. Otherwise it's collection please, or FCS. It's too unwieldy to pack up.
Photos below. More photos can be done if required.

Hopefully someone would like a good project and can contribute a reasonable amount to the BTTT (MCR21 1963 outside broadcast truck restoration). May I suggest that offers start at 25.


Pamphonica 8th Nov 2021 12:31 pm

Re: Marconi 2380/2382 Spectrum Analyser (with faults)ts
I now have a "winning" offer and this device is sold, subject to collection.
Mods, please close the thread.
Many thanks all,

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