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MrBungle 9th Feb 2017 1:38 pm

Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Has anyone owned one of these at all?

I've owned a D83 and an S61 and they are nice machines. The D63 I have no experience with however. I'd like to eviscerate a V4 amplifier plugin and migrate my SA project into it as it has a relatively straightforward mainframe interface by the looks, nice 48v differential supply (I am using varactors for the main osc which need 30v swing) has a timebase built in to the mainframe and is a bit tidier than my current lash up. Incidentally the whole thing should fit in the plug in space nicely with some modifications. Also the dual transistors and FETs from the two front ends will be useful as well and looking at the current prices it'll be cost effective to do this versus buy the things separately.

Also I don't think anyone will cry as much as if I shredded a Tek 7000 plugin :)

I will also have to build an extender for the plugin. Does anyone know what connectors they use? Assuming relatively standard 0.1 / 0.2 pitch edge connectors?

MotorBikeLes 9th Feb 2017 6:09 pm

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
D63, a 25Mhz true dual beam scope with two Y amp plug ins, so with dual trace plug ins (V4), four traces available. Like its very similar DM63 (15Mhz storage) it was often supplied with one or two dummy plug ins. Empty boxes in effect. These are handy for building stuff into, for example I have thought one could easily be used to make a component tester, maybe even a simple curve tracer. The stock TQ vertical calibration fixture can be used for mainframe calibration.
One weak point is the back plane board in the area where the output transistors are found. Check and improve for reliability.

MrBungle 9th Feb 2017 7:02 pm

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

Found a Tek miller integrator and trigger comparator in the mainframe schematics which is a worry. Totally unobtainium.

mhennessy 10th Feb 2017 12:21 am

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Yes, the D63 is the non-storage version of the DM63. Nice machines - my "default" scope. I've written a few things about it on this forum and here:

Indeed there are 2 Tek chips in there. I've never heard of the sweep generator failing, but I've had the other IC fail in mine. It did fail previously before I acquired the unit, so I suspect another fault was lurking on the timebase module. I've had a lot of conversations about these over the years, but no conclusive reports of other failures.

The usual problems are capacitors (surprise, surprise!) and high-value resistors failing in the EHT module. Yes, the Y-out transistors can be problematic, but substitutes are available. Other random failures are what you'd expect for gear of that age. All faults I've had are written up on my pages...

I'd say the build quality is several notches about the usual Telequipment stuff. Similar to the D83 outwardly, but better again IMHO (I have a couple of D83s as well). I think the chassis is derived from the Tek 5000 series, but could be wrong (I'm going by these pictures: - never seen one in the flesh)

Officially, they were sold as 15MHz 'scopes. The manual says -3dB at 18MHz. In practice, it's more like 20MHz when lined up (the test fixture is handy for that, but very rare). Plenty for audio. Triggering is fairly basic, but good enough.

The V4 plugins are the most common, but look out for the V3 differential. This goes down to 50uV/div, and is very useful for low-frequency work. I only have one - I find it so very useful that I'm uncomfortable about not having a spare. It has a Y-out BNC which I plug into a powered speaker - can't tell you how useful that is for audio and radio stuff :thumbsup:

I wonder if the storage version might be of more use for an SA - the variable persistence mode is especially useful.

Edge connectors are 0.15" fingers on the plug-in PCB, and standard sockets on the main board.

Just a thought: a while back I bought the remains of a V4 plugin from a forum member. Most of it is there, but it will be quite a project to put it all back together again. So, ideal for your project - saves wrecking a good one. If that's of interest, let me know - it's yours for what I paid for it.

Good luck!


MrBungle 10th Feb 2017 6:46 am

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Thanks for the comprehensive info. Somehow I managed to miss your site when searching around. Lots of useful info on there. Feel much more confident about it now.

Sounds like a useful scope even without any SA modifications. Storage version would be nice but alas they seem to be pretty rare. Did miss a batch of two that went on ebay a while ago for less than 4 though! The sweep rate on this SA is currently around 30Hz so any reasonable persistence phosphor should be ok. I'm currently using it with my PM3217 which is usable. Log amp doesn't work very well yet though (it's a low noise opamp with CA3096 array for feedback and tempco rather than a proper one!) so I'm not sure what the outcome will be for the SA yet.

I had a D83 a number of years ago (paid my usual 10 for a scope!) and it was marvellous machine. Best tube on a scope every. Regret selling it.

Will see if I manage to get my hands on it in the next few days and post back.

Thanks again.

WME_bill 10th Feb 2017 12:19 pm

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Yes, I have one, which I use only rarely, as the 15Mhz Y bandwidth is a factor when working on MF circuits. For which I use a Telequipment D75 (portable version of the D83, 50 Mhz) or a HP1707B. But the four traces you get by using two V4 plug ins can be very useful indeed.

The makers specification for the D63 is 15Mhz. I have not yet done the upgrade of the Y Amplifier output stages to increase the bandwidth from 15Mhz, suggested here by I think by Mark Hennessey.

The tube is a curiosity, and unique. A Mullard special job, type 95470, apparently based upon their E14-100. It is electrically equivalent to the English Electric E720B. but without the storage mesh,

It is interesting that Tektronix should have bought in the E.E. tube in the DM63 in preference to their own patent storage tube which is used in the DM64 (making it a singularly unpopular scope apparently).

The DM63 storage version is a real pleasure to use, and most useful when using a wobbulator. You can set the persistance to stop the flicker from the low speed sweep, but can see immediately the results of any adjustments. Vastly easier than using the fashionable digital scope, where you have to wait for the screen to be painted in full. I never use my digital for that job.

I would endorse what Mark Hennessey and MotorbikeLes say. The high voltage resistors should be replaced immediately with Philips metal glaze VR25/VR37 series. I have posted comments about this in the past, in relation to the Telequipment models D83/D75/DM63.

Be prepared to clean under PCBs where secured to the chassis. These serve as the ground connection, and there is often slight corrosion between the copper board and the aluminium chassis. Can be a most elusive fault.

I made up an extension cable for the plug ins with a piece of Veroboard and a PCB connector, 0.15inch spacing, single sided, 16 way, including one blank slot.
You will have to rummage, as Veroboard available now is 0.1 inch spacing. You may have to get a copper clad board, and cut grooves in the copper.
So also the Connector. Usual now is 0.1", or for HP and US equipment, 0.156". That you won't be able to fabricate. I can let you have one, for which you will have to reposition the slot and trim, but it is the 0.15" required.
The manuals for all the models and plug-ins mentioned seem readily available, but I have them all if you are stuck. And the CRT data.
wme_bill m0wpn

MrBungle 10th Feb 2017 12:59 pm

Re: Telequipment D63 - any opinions?
Thanks for the info and offer. Much appreciated.

I'll check it out fully against all of the problems here if I manage to grab it.

I see that Farnell sell the Vishay metal glaze resistors in reasonable quantities which is good news!

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