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Colinaps 10th Oct 2019 8:26 pm

Galashiels Rally 20/10/19
If anyone's heading up from the Carlisle direction, please note there will be a road closure north of Hawick which will probably put about 15 minutes on to the journey.

From Hawick, A698 to the A68 Ancrum, A68 to Ravenswood roundabout, A6091 to Galashiels.

I'll be one of the eedjits on the B&B.


Colin MM1APS.

SiriusHardware 10th Oct 2019 8:38 pm

Re: Galashiels Rally 20/10/19
I virtually always make it to this one - was actually remarkably good last year considering its relatively small proportions.

It's a nice area to have an excuse to drive up to anyway, especially with the autumn colours starting to come in. Rail fans can follow up with a ride on the recently reinstated line from Galashiels to the heart of Edinburgh - we nearly always do that after attending the rally.

Colinaps 12th Oct 2019 11:21 am

Re: Galashiels Rally 20/10/19
I should have said - it's the A7 that's to be closed north of Hawick.

Just in case anyone else is as easily confused as me!


SiriusHardware 20th Oct 2019 8:49 pm

Re: Galashiels Rally 20/10/19
Did anyone else make it to this?

Like last year I found it punched well above its weight for such a relatively small rally, I got quite a few useful parts and trinkets this year.

Colinaps 22nd Oct 2019 2:36 pm

Re: Galashiels Rally 20/10/19
Couldn't believe a tidy TL922 didn't sell at 400 on the B&B - if only I had the space for one!

I did go home with a nice CKB74028, (something like a BC221) complete with the book, power lead and shock-mounts, among other small stuff.



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