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Jimwall 4th Apr 2021 9:17 am

Omega World Receiver 9 band
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Morning Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

The above has a pulley missing next to the dial shaft and it measured around 6mm diameter and about 3 mm height the other three rollers are still on housing so any ideas e.g curtain rollers or other rollers that may work? The other rollers spin on thin plastic shaft embossed on to the housing

Images you can see the black rollers

Jimwall 12th Apr 2021 5:31 am

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
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Does anybody have a non working radio or similar that has the volume control shaft and knob battery holder cover and on off switch cap or can these be made from old plastic items from around the house! All ideas welkom especially volume shaft and knob apparently it slides on rhs of casing

Station X 12th Apr 2021 10:16 am

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
Your best bet is to find a friendly lathe owner and get them to turn new pulleys for you.

simpsons 13th Apr 2021 9:14 am

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
Hi Jim

Funny old world, I thought to myself as I first searched on Ebay for spares for this radio only to find that when I looked for those in South Africa, viz, I found out 2 things.

First there is no such thing as, it is, pardon? and then, how peculiar when searching for that site, I can't open it, I am sent to the UK one instead.

Well, after faffing about and all that, looking the Sony chip used I concluded that there are probably a few analogue world and not so world radios made in China, which will have the same tuning arrangement you could use. Finding one "spares and repair" on the SA site might be another thing. Here I would use a car boot sale.

Whilst I wouldn't wish to take away the "fun" in getting this radio working, I see that the Tescun R9012 is similar @ 16.98 as is the KK9 @ 4.99. Help!!

Maybe a little background to your need to repair this radio and where in SA you are might throw some more light on how we can help.


paulsherwin 13th Apr 2021 9:58 am

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
'ZA' is the top level domain name for South Africa.

This radio dates from the late 80s and is actually quite common across the world under various brand names. Indeed I own one, branded 'Saisho' (the Dixons house brand of the time). A friend of mine coincidentally also bought one with different branding.

It's quite a decent performer, being based on a Sony radio IC, but I wouldn't put in a huge amount of effort to fix a broken one unless there were particular reasons to do so.

Jimwall 14th Apr 2021 10:17 am

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
Thanks for the feedback this radio has sentimental value that it survived drowning in the Zambezi riverall the local fundis couldn't fix it but now I repaired it and it works fine but one roller small on the string disappeared so I am busy trying to use a household pin or bead to get it back on the chassis the other plastic pieces like switch and battery covers I will cut and make from recycled plastic and maybe also check in flea markets. Thx

Jimwall 5th May 2021 4:29 pm

Re: Omega World Receiver 9 band
Thanks Paul for the images of the saisho 2000
There is a model shop who maybe able to use 3d printing for the volume knob and guide roller they are not cheap either so I am slowly getting it back to its original self

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