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Paul Stenning 3rd Nov 2007 5:20 pm

This section
This new section is for "forum courier service" requests and other logistical arrangements for getting sets to their new owners, such as via the bring-and-buy stalls at events. This section MAY NOT be used for discussing any commercial courier firms or other transport arrangements that require payment beyond a contribution towards expenses.

Paul Stenning 7th Dec 2007 4:04 pm

Re: This section
This does seem to be working very well!

Can I ask everyone who has or will be posting requests here to respond when the request is satisfied or is no longer required. Then we can close the threads that are no longer active, to avoid confusion or wasting anyone's time responding unnecessarily.

Please make it clear whether the whole journey that is covered so we don't end up closing threads where only part of the arrangement is in place.

Thanks. :)

Paul Stenning 11th Apr 2008 3:20 pm

Re: This section
I have just deleted all the closed threads here (presumably satisfied requests) and all threads which have had no activity since the end of last year. This gets us back to a single page of recent and presumably live requests.

If you post a request here, PLEASE reply to it when it is fulfilled or if it is no longer required.

If your older request was still live and has been removed it would probably be best to post again.

Paul Stenning 11th Dec 2008 11:25 am

Re: This section
For privacy please do not state full postcodes in your requests, as in some areas this can narrow it right down to just a few houses (my postcode covers just 18) or even a single address. Excluding the last two characters, for example HR2 7**, should be fine for finding someone who can help, then the exact details can be exchanged privately by PM.

Paul Stenning 24th May 2009 8:40 am

Re: This section
When posting please state where the item needs transporting from and to in the thread subject. That is much more useful for people scanning through the list than just saying what the item is. For example this:

Liverpool to Hereford or Wootton Bassett (Bush DAC90 radio)

is much more likely to get noticed by the right person than this:

Bush DAC90


Paul Stenning 13th May 2019 5:27 pm

Re: This section
I have closed several requests for transport to or from the NVCF as that has now passed. We will generally close requests, whether satisfied or not, that are to/from specific events after the event. If the item still needs to be transported please make a new request.

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