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Mr_H_RetroTech 14th Jun 2021 7:38 pm

EKCO U353 dropper
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Evening all!

I recently acquired an EKCO U353 to be a stablemate to my PYE R33. A brief look inside indicated the U353 needs some TLC. So I resisted the urge to switch on to see what happened.

The back has no burns or damage but is slightly distorted in the area of the dropper. The case is generally in good condition with minor distortion again in the region of the dropper.

The dropper is my first concern as it is looking rather shabby - please see attached photo.

Any advice on best way to deal with the dropper? I have read about people soldering a suitable replacement resistor across the relevant terminals. But this dropper looks pretty rough to me and I'm wondering whether there is much to be done to bring some life into the radio.

Ideas anyone?

Station X 14th Jun 2021 7:41 pm

Re: EKCO U353 dropper
Here's my idea. Measure it to see whether it's actually open circuit.

Always reach for the service sheet and your meter before you reach for the soldering iron.

Beardyman 14th Jun 2021 8:08 pm

Re: EKCO U353 dropper
Definitely with Graham on this, measure it first to see if it really is open. I've seen much worse looking droppers than yours and they've been perfectly OK. Wirewound resistors can put up with an awful lot of abuse before they give up.

David G4EBT 14th Jun 2021 10:15 pm

Re: EKCO U353 dropper
You might find this thread of interest and help:

As others have said, check the continuity and resistance of. each section of the dropper compared to the circuit and you may well find that itís fine. Lots of other complements which will need replacement, as youíll note from other threads.

Every success with the restoration.

Mr_H_RetroTech 16th Jun 2021 12:38 pm

Re: EKCO U353 dropper
Thanks for your responses. As you might guess this is the first time I have encountered a dropper 'in the flesh', so to speak. I shall do as you suggest and take it from there.

Thanks for link, David. Most helpful as always.

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