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Paul Stenning 1st Nov 2007 3:42 pm

Exact price required!
Before posting here please check section D of the forum rules. Note in particular that rule D4 says:


Any item offered must include an exact price, and indicate whether or not you are prepared to post it.
Lack of prices is the most common error we have to deal with in this section, and usually results in threads being deleted. Please post in accordance to the rules, to make things easier for all of us. Thanks.

Also note rule D6:


Messages offering/requesting swaps are not permitted. These are rarely successful and are sometimes used to circumvent the price rule above.

Paul Stenning 12th Mar 2010 4:46 pm

Re: Exact price required!
The exact price rule does NOT allow you to state that you are open to offers, either initially or in later posts.

That just causes problems with offer threads becoming auctions, offers being accepted initially then declined when a better offer comes in etc.

If you are looking for offers and/or don't know what it's worth then put it on eBay or in a swapmeet auction, and not here.

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