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frankmcvey 7th Jun 2020 8:38 pm

Marconi VTVM TF1041C
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Marconi VTVM in quite good cosmetic condition with its original probes. I bought it about 5 years, but never used it in anger. It has lived for most of that time in a seldom-opened (indeed, seldom-accessible!) cupboard and has come to the light of day during an overdue clear-out.

I gently wakened it up on the variac and it responds quite nicely when measuring various batteries and the AC output of the variac. However, when going through the initial setting-up procedure, the various zeroing controls work, but can't quite reach zero. I think that this is due to component drift over the years, and it probably needs the internal presets adjusting to correct this. Alternatively, it might be because the mains transformer tap is set to 250V, a bit too high for the mains in our area.

Looking for 60; the buyer can collect from LE15 7DS or I can post/courier at cost.



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