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hiro, JJ1FXF 11th Feb 2019 3:27 pm

TRIO TS-510 Power Supply
Can anyone tell me some hints to normalize the 800V of PS-510D, a power supply of TS-510?

My PS-510Dís power output of 800V is about DC 1050V and also the HV meter of the rig, TS-510D, shows about 1kV at HV position which shows the voltage of S2001 Plate.

Its transformer outputs 373V without load, and the rectification unit has a voltage doubler circuit and so it is supposed to output about 800V.

I replaced the rectification unit and two 100uF/500V capacitors to new ones, but there is no change.

Maybe the transformer is out of order? But I donít have the spare of it.

Any other things I have to check out?

All advices are appreciated.

// hiro, JJ1FXF

G8UWM-MildMartin 12th Feb 2019 10:17 pm

Re: TRIO TS-510 Power Supply
How does your actual (measured) mains voltage compare to the transformer primary rating or tapping (presumably 100V)?

hiro, JJ1FXF 12th Feb 2019 11:24 pm

Re: TRIO TS-510 Power Supply

Thanks for your reply. Once again I checked voltages and the circuit seems working as designed unfortunately.

The transformer outputs AC 373V (average, w/ following recitification unit), and the recitification unit outputs DC 523V (w/o voltage doubler capacitors), and then plate voltage is DC 1055V (w/ the capacitors)

1055 is almost 373 x 1.4 x 2.

According to the schismatic of PS-510, a power supply unit of TS-510, the transformer is designed to output 340V 0.64A.

So maybe something is wrong with my transformer or hopefully some other parts of PS-510 is wrong and so transformer over-works.

How do you think?

hiro, JJ1FXF 6th Mar 2019 10:59 am

Re: TRIO TS-510 Power Supply
I have got an another power supply for my TS-510.

Itís the PS-510X, a power supply for TS-510X which is a single final tube S2001, 10W model of TS-510. It outputs 400V for the plate of single S2001.

My TS-510 has dual S2001s and originally outputs about 100W when the plate voltage is 800V with 60mA IP.

I donít need 100W output and so plan to use this 400V power supply for my TS-510 and then I see it outputs about 40W when 400V is fed to the two S2001s at 60mA IP.

My question is, are there any concerns to feed 400V 60mA to two S2001s such as shorten the life of S2001s?

Thanks in advance.

HamishBoxer 6th Mar 2019 11:04 am

Re: TRIO TS-510 Power Supply
I would not think it will shorten the life of the valves (tubes).

hiro, JJ1FXF 6th Mar 2019 11:41 am

Re: TRIO TS-510 Power Supply
Thanks for your reply, G8JET.

Since my TS-510 has two valves, I am feeding 60mA IP at 400V HV.

Is this OK? Or should I feed 30mA IP when 400V HV to drive even dual S2001s?

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