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Default BSR Turntable - Stuck start lever


I have a Fidelity portable record player with a BSR turntable.
I've followed instructions from various YouTube videos and forums, and have dismantled as much as I can. Everything seems free enough except the start lever. I cannot find where it might be stuck - any ideas?

The whole turntable will not come out from its casing so I am feeling underneath for anything you may suggest.
I'm keen to get some old records playing again!
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Default Re: BSR Turntable - Stuck start lever

Hi Andy,

This will most likely be seized linkages and you will have to remove the deck. Usually these come out complete with wooden plinth. You may have to remove four screws and coax it out or, occasionally, two screws plus the baffle behind the loudspeaker. Which model is it? Fidelity cobbled together numerous models.

How are you managing to grope about under the deck if you can't remove it?
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Default Re: BSR Turntable - Stuck start lever

you will have to clean the linkages with IPA and relubricate. I'd bet the area around the stepped speed change mech is the culprit. A photo would help!
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Default Re: BSR Turntable - Stuck start lever

I know this is an old thread but I am posting in the hope it helps someone as I could not find an answer to this problem on the web & I had 2 decks with the same problem. If you take the deck out & look underneath there are 2 coathanger type arms coming off the start/stop switch one operates the actual on/off switch for the motor. The other goes into an arm that has a join in it. If you follow this along you will see on the mechanism it joins a black washer with an arm coming off it. It is this washer that is stuck to the plate it is on with dried grease. I used WD40 on it but it still needed a (careful) push with a flat bladed screwdriver to free. When free the arm with the black washer on can slide easily & the stop/start/auto will free up
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Default Re: BSR Turntable - Stuck start lever

This is an even older thread now but thanks for the solution - worked a treat.
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