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Default Re: Museum of failure.

Originally Posted by Welsh Anorak View Post
In the video world Panasonic introduced the bar code scanner for programming your VCY. The massive handset incorporated a scanner at the opposite end to the LED transmitter which you swiped across one of many cards you were given. Great idea BUT you needed to work out which card to use for your programme, find it, make sure it was completely clean, scan it, scan it again, then review it to check and then transmit it. Not surprising the (admittedly clunky and awkward) Videoplus system succeeded.
If I remember correctly, the original intention was to print the barcodes in the TV guide magazines, (Radio Times might have used them it for a short time)

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Default Re: Museum of failure.

If we're talking aircraft, the Italian Stipa-Caproni "Flying Barrel" is worth a look. An early attempt at a ducted fan, the increased efficiency from the ducted propeller was entirely offset by the massively increased drag of the duct!

I showed this to a friend of mine and she said it looked like something from a Tintin cartoon!
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The Philpott
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Default Re: Museum of failure.

Oh god yes, described by one author as 'looking like a tiger moth that's fallen down a well' !
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