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Homebrew Equipment A place to show, design and discuss the weird and wonderful electronic creations from the hands of individual members.

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Default Re: Magnetic Loop Receiving Aerial (Gary Tempest)

This one seem very promising:

It's been years that I want to build it, damn laziness!
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Default Re: Magnetic Loop Receiving Aerial (Gary Tempest)

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
I'm just a little bit fascinated that classic devices whose primary makers were in the US and stopped making them many years ago are still available in quantities, mostly from China.
It's something that had exercised my curiosity, too- but when one hears documentaries and news items of container-loads of the West's garbage being shipped off to China and elsewhere to be picked over by folk whose wages might be a tenth or a hundredth of ours, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair amount of new factory surplus gets picked out and sent back to us- and I doff my cap to them. Just occasionally nosing through skips on industrial estates or behind the DIY sheds, I've come across mounds of stuff that would have sold for a pretty penny- until the next year's fashion usurped it or the accountants just wanted a simple life, so the idea that it would be seized on on arrival at foreign shores by poorer folk to help purchase the next meal is entirely credible. I even once saw a news item of villagers in China using blowlamps to remove ICs from bulk PCB scrap- if there's a grapevine of what's worth looking out for and a few cents to be had for the effort, then a cottage industry will soon develop, especially in the internet/smartphone era. I wouldn't want recovered components, but I've occasionally bought "NOS" stuff from Chinese sellers that turned up quickly and appeared to be unused and unsoldered and I'm prepared to give the more mundane components the benefit of the doubt as surplus coming back to us, courtesy of those who were prepared to sift it out when we (collectively) weren't!

Obviously, anything that needs traceability is a different manner, but as David G4EBT says- to a hobbyist working away in their own time for non-critical pursuits, the auction sites can come up with amazing and eclectic possibilities.
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