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These forums may be used them to discuss repair and restoration problems, offer useful hints and tips to other restorers, leave requests for parts or information you need, or offer spare parts and sets to other collectors.

To help the smooth running of the forums, please try to keep your messages on-topic and post them in the appropriate catagories. Be sure to use meaningful subjects for your messages. Please DO NOT post the same (or similar) message in more than one section, otherwise we will delete all of them!

These forums are primarily for UK vintage communications equipment. Although you may be able to get help with equipment from other countries, you may do better to post these requests in a forum based in the relevant country.

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Vintage electrical/electronic equipment may use or produce dangerous high voltages and may contain components running at hazardous temperatures. Great care must always be taken when working on such equipment, especially when it is powered and shortly after it has been powered. Messages in this forum may discuss carrying out tests on live equipment, but do not give specific safety warnings. The absence of such warnings does NOT imply that the action is safe. Warnings have simply been omitted to avoid repetition and to keep the meaning of the description concise. Live equipment is always dangerous. If you are in any way unsure about your ability to work with vintage electrical/electronic equipment safely, please refer the work to a qualified and experienced engineer.

The information in this forum is submitted by forum members. It has not been checked or verified by anyone, and may therefore be inaccurate. Visitors are advised to validate any information that they feel is important with reliable third-party sources, before relying on it. Neither the posters of the messages, owner of this forum (Paul Stenning), nor any Internet company involved with the hosting, storage or transmission of this website, can accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property as a result of using the information given on this forum, website or related publications, no matter how the incident occurred. If you cannot accept this disclaimer, you may not use any such information and must leave this forum immediately.

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